Random #9

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Foggy as I can’t understand
How none can hurt you like you can
As arduous as they may be
These long nights help you see

For it was me I fear
Thought it was they, them for years
My harshest enemy inside of me
It amazes me how this came to be Continue reading Random #9


Chocolate Bar


As she opened the packet and inhaled that sweet scent of her all-time favourite chocolate, she is transported to the forest of memories. Each leaf on those trees projected a certain moment in her life. Standing before her is the biggest tree in the forest – the tree that holds her utmost happiest moments up to date. Each of those leaves projected her laughter and smiles. Continue reading Chocolate Bar




“A story that captures our everlasting love”


“Remind me again why we have so many rings?” “Don’t look at me. This was all you” I smirked at his remark. I wanted to retort back but there was no lie behind those words, so I just gave him a playful punch to his perfectly sculpted abs. “But I think we have a bit too much. I mean, I can’t possibly wear them all. It’ll look weird” I continued to whine. Suddenly, he cupped my face gently in his hands, holding it in place. His eyes bore into mine as he replied, “You don’t need to wear them all. When we get married, we can put them together in one box. Let it be a reminder of our journey because each one of these rings have their own story. A story that captures our everlasting love”



I meant to pen down a post earlier last week but things got in the way and…because I was extra lazy, hence the procrastination. Anyway, hello 2018! In a blink of an eye, we’ve already entered the third week of 2018. As mentioned before, I really wanted to end 2017 and put all the bitter memories behind. Yet, at the same time, I don’t want to enter 2018 for the sheer fact that I’m still holding on to letting go to what I should’ve let go years ago. Howbeit, I’ve opened a new book and I’m going to try fill it in with more love and laughter. (although not gonna lie, it’s harder done than said) Continue reading 2018

Annual Dinner 2017

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On 15 December 2017, we had our annual company dinner with Oscar Night as the theme. It took place at The Club, G Tower. Originally, I wanted to post about this event last week, but I’ve just been so occupied with things here and there that I completely forgot. Anyway, it’s been awhile since I wore a dress…okay, not that long since I wore a dress last week. Let me rephrase; it’s been awhile since I last wore a fancy dress. At first, I wanted to go rent a dress but due to the overwhelming pile of work and limited time, I decided to just wear my sister’s graduation dress. We actually have a small collection of fancy dresses owing to the parties and dinners we had previously. I used to think it was a waste to buy those dresses but now I’m glad that at least they can still be used for ‘emergency cases’. Continue reading Annual Dinner 2017