Untitled #9

She feels so alone
Even when she’s surrounded by her friends and family
It feels so dark
Even when it’s bright and sunny out

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been having breakdowns at the office. Usually, I would arrive at the office by 7.30am even though, my work starts at 9.00am. I like to come early so I can settle some work in the morning when it’s quiet and there’s no one to disturb me. However, I end up using that time to have breakdowns instead, apart from the random times throughout the day. This is actually not the first time as I’ve had my episodes in the office before as well. The last time would probably be either in December or January.

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I feel abandoned.

I know I shouldn’t. My friends and family are still with me.
But I have this feeling that they’re pulling away from me.
I have this feeling that they’re distancing themselves from me– especially my friends.
I know they have their own lives. I know they’re busy.
I know this is probably just in my head and I’m being paranoid…
But what if that’s not the case?

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Life Updates

It’s currently the second week of July and we’re heading towards the end of 2019. Even though it may seem a bit early to be saying this, but I assure you that within a few blinks it will be December and soon, 2020. It’s quite scary how time is zooming by and sure enough, time waits for no one. The last update I did was in May and that was on my Seoul trip and Ramadhan. Since then, there have been several events that I think should be jotted down for future reminiscing purposes.

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